Next Event: May 31, 2017
in The Sportsmen's Lodge Events Center, Los Angeles

Holographic Summit

Holographic Summit in Los Angeles is a business conference exploring new experiences for movie theater, arena and large event spaces. It will focus on digital holography and holographic technology without the need for a wearable device. Attendees include Hollywood executives, theatre operators, entrepreneurs, developers, engineers and venture capitalists. They will discuss: digital current technologies for holography best suited for large spaces, holographic movie production, business models using holographics in theatres and expected construction costs for screen modifications. Some of the holographic technologies covered include: novel holographic processes, integral imaging, computer generated holograms, compressive holography, holographs with various light sources, image rendering, 3D and novel displays. The next conference at the The Sportsmen's Lodge Events Center is scheduled for May 31, 2017. This event is designed for entertainment professionals seeking alternative revenue sources and opportunities in the changing theatre market.